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Our Indigenous Journey

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Welcome to Mount Hira

Mount Hira opens it’s doors to children of age 03 years. It provides an opportunity for them to develop from Play Group to Ordinary Level, in an environment equipped with all the essential facilities to girls and boys separately. Whilst preserving the values of Islam, the school is carrying on with a team of qualified and experienced teachers.

Director Message

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Allah has made education compulsory for every Muslim boys and girls through the very first verse of the Holy Qur’an (Iqra – Read/Ponder). Prophet Muhammed (Sal) too gave top priority to educate his fellow men and showed several avenues and adopted methodology to inculcate knowledge among him followers.

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School Song

All praise be to Allah
The Lord of the Universe
You are the Most Gracious
You are the Most Merciful
Its You we all worship
Its You we ask for help (ii)

School Song (1/3)

Guide us on the Right Path
That was of the Sahabas (ii)
Not of those who earned your anger Not of those who went astray.
All praise…(Chorus)

School Song (2/3)

We students of Mount Hira
Ask you O Allah! (ii)
Increase our knowledge and
Serenity in our hearts
Make us the Best Mumins
Make us the Best Citizens
All praise…(Chorus)

School Song (3/3)